Hello and welcome to my art venture: Sonoka County.

Ifm Sonoka Fukuma Gozelski, mixed media collage artist.

Sonoka County was born in 2006. [fly-like-a-snail] was my first project. I printed postcards out of my 4x6" original collage works and sold them at art shows. Its mission was to reconnect you to someone with whom you had been out of touch by sending my cards via snail mail. I have sold a lot of postcards over the years, I hope my wish has come true. Recent years, I've been working on larger works. Challenges never stop. Hope you enjoy the ride with me.

I show up at various outdoor art shows in New York State from spring to fall. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all year long. Hope to see you soon!


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*[3.7.17] I started blogging. Sometimes I have some thoughts that I want to share but they are too long for Facebook or for newsletters. I hesitated doing it for a long time, but I give it a try. See how it goes. Here's my blog.

*[2.27.17] I have been working on the new series. I'm on a mission to complete 10 of 20x10" pieces. I'm uploading images as I go. Please take a look here, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I'm trying to post something as often as I can.

*[11.28.16] Thank you for coming to visit the Indie Garage Sale last weekend! I had a good time meeting and chatting with you. Please sign up on my mailing list and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

*[7.8.16] New greeting cards are here! Birthdays, Celebrations, Love, all covered. Order yours today!

*[3.21.16] My art print store is now open at imagekind.com! 47 images are available. You can choose from prints on paper or on canvas. There are also a lot of personalizing options. Please visit here.


2017 upcoming show schedule

Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival: July 28-30 Syracuse, NY

Clinton Arts & Music Festival (PENDING) August 26 Clinton, NY

Cooperstown Fine Arts on the Lawn (PENDING) September 2-3 Cooperstown, NY

Colorscape Chenango Arts Festival: September 9-10 Norwich, NY

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April 11, 2017

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